Our Menu

Buffet Menu – £4.95 per person

Onion Bhajee

Saag Aloo

Chick Peas Aloo

Tarka Dall

Rice & Naan Bread

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Swede & Mushroom Curry

Mixed Vegetable Korma

Dessert Menu

Kulfi – £2.95
A rich blend of frozen pure milk flavoured with exotic fruits, nuts and herbs.
Choose from Badam (Almond), Pista (Pistachio) or Mango

Ice Cream – £2.95
Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

Lemon Surprise - £2.95
A whole lemon scooped and refilled with tangy lemon sorbet

Orange Surprise – £2.95
A whole fresh orange scooped and refilled with tangy orange sorbet

Request Choices

Garlic Naan – £1.95

Peshwari Naan – £1.95

Vegetable Naan – £1.95

Raita (yoghurt & cucumber) – £1.95

All of the above items are only available as accompanying side dishes along with your main buffet meal.

No service chage. 10% on six or more people.